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The dragon temple

Project care takers: Tantric couple Petra & Charlie

Petra is a tantrika, sexsibility coach, shiatsu therapist and shindo healer. She works with tantric massage, shamanistic ceremonies and rituals, sound healing, drum journeys, visualisation, meditation, breathing, dance and play.

Charlie is a tantric, musician, master wood carver and natural builder. He is also the co-founder of The Natural Building Company.

More info via email or call Charlie: +358 407517787

Project status

The foundations have been laid and we are currently working on the timber frame construction. The aim is to get the roof on before winter! You are welcome to join us building or to make a donation using the Donate button below. We really appreciate your contribution.

The Dragon Temple

We invite you to come and share a space of open hearts, tantric magic and natural building – we are excited to create this temple with you as an experiment of heart awareness and presence in daily life. Our aim is to find a fruitful balance of energy work and building work – so that as we build, we also stay in contact with our hearts and energy bodies.

Our vision is to create a beautiful 120m2 round temple, built almost entirely out of natural materials. The building will sit on a rock and the structure is made out of recycled logs, straw bales, clay and lime. We will use many different artistic natural building techniques, such as straw bale building, timber frames, wood carving, clay sculpting, tadelakt, mosaic, and ….?

The Dragon Temple will be a place to celebrate Life and to create circles of Love, healing, playfulness, beauty and passion.

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The Temple floor