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The Solbacka Experience

The Solbacka Experience

The Solbacka Experience

The Solbacka Experience

Our Vision

The aim of The Solbacka Experience is to create and support a family of people who wants to live in connection with earth and commit ourselves to following our heart’s desires in all aspects of life.

We commit ourselves to bring natural balance and beauty into everything we do.
We commit ourselves to actively live and share with others a creative way of life.
We commit ourselves to create local work opportunities and activities that promote local cooperation.

The Solbacka Experience is dedicated to helping people remember who they really are, and to being a source of inspiration to all.

As an intentional community following the Circle Way we constantly try to develop our communication skills – The Circle meeting is used as our tool for that.

You can find videos and images from Solbacka here

Our Projects

In Solbacka we have a number of exciting projects. Please take a moment to read more about them if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of what The Solbacka Experience is about. If you feel inspired by one of our projects we encourage you to get involved. You could volunteer with us, take part in a workshop, stay with us on a nature retreat, or support us financially by donating. You can find more information by clicking on one of the projects below.

The Circle Way

The Circle is open to everyone and has no hierarchy.
It is a Circle of commitment. To Mother Earth, and to your own heart.
When you enter the Circle you commit to listen and speak from your heart as best you can.
The Circle is not about being perfect, but rather about being honest in the moment.
There is no police in the Circle, rather it is everyone’s responsibility to stay with the energy and try to help others who might have temporarily lost their focus.

Practical use

The Circle is used as a communication tool in several ways:
• A talking stick is passed around, giving the holder of the stick the chance to speak(or dance, sing, play music, express) from his/her heart. Everyone else listens and cannot generally interrupt the holder. If the urge is very strong you can ask the holder if it is ok to give a short comment.
• Alternatively, the stick can be placed in the center of the Circle, and whoever feels the energy to communicate takes the stick and returns it to the center when he/she is done communicating.
• The Circle can be completely open or focused on a certain issue.
• When two (or more) people have a conflict, they can commit it to be resolved in the Circle. They might sit in the center of the Circle or join the Circle perimeter.